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[ft-l] Joan "Igloo" Hobson - Section 9 - 2/7 and 2/8

Joan did not actually hike this section because she caught a stomach virus
and had to get off the trail.  Her partners did hike onward.  Joan later
meet the others at Christmas.  Jeff Walters


Florida Trail Journal - Section 9

Beginning: SR 520

End: SR 50 near Christmas, FL.

Total Mileage: ? Miles

Conditions: This can be a frustrating area. The trail at the northern end
(Deseret Ranchland) leading to this section in the preserve (between SR532
and SR520) is now closed to hiking, thus making the north end (south of
SR520) a "lame duck" section. It is, however, an extremely beautiful section
of the FT and the Scenic Trail, rich with flora and fauna, well maintained
and worth the effort, especially if you are camping at nearby F. Burton
Smith County Park on SR520, or plan to enjoy the popular Lone Cabbage Fish
Camp on SR520 at the St. Johns' River. Note: the dike north of SR520 has
been removed and you must now hike north on SR520 to get into Tosahatchee.


Post Script from 2/7 and 2/8

My partners continued up the dike from where I got off. Saw a snake, the
remains of a dead hog and more cows. They pitched tents near SR532 and a
stream. The next AM they faced the new trail along US 520 which was blazed
but impossible. They chose to walk up to Beehead at the entrance to
Tosahatchee they were met by a "gate keeper" Who informed them there was a
prescribed burn and all of the Preserve was impassible. Another
disappointment and another road walk. This one took them west of their
destination and into a Circle K for refreshments. They spent an hour before
moving onto the R.V. Park @ 2:30PM where they were able to get a site for
the night.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Monday, February 28, 2000.


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