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[ft-l] maps

Hi All,
My dad and I hiked from Hopkins Prairie to Paisley on a three-day
weekend.  From the grid system and the mileage on the back of the maps
we deduced this to be a 33 mile hike.  Between Farley's Prairie and
Alexander Springs we discovered that the mileage on the maps and the
mileage on the signs didn't correspond, in fact they were different by 5
miles in that little stretch....we have hiked a lot together and
maintain a 2 mile an hour pace.  He had to leave me at Alexander Springs
for a sudden flair of new insole blisters and went on what according to
the map was going to be approx. 6 more miles to meet our ride....back on
the trail he found another sign announcing it was actually 10 miles to
his destination from there?  What's the deal?  What was supposed to be a
10 mile a day leisure trip ended up being a good 40 miles for me and
closer to 50 for him.  I understand that they maybe would be accurate
"as the crow flies" but even if they are mapped using GPS, someone
didn't bother reading the signs and just took a x,y?
Sorry to go on and on like this but I've never had such map issues and
we hiked primitive trails in the grand canyon with gov. topo maps.

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