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[ft-l] Joan Hobson has decided to go to the conference.

I recently received a letter from Joan Hobson.  It seems that she has
decided to go to the 2000 Annual Meeting and Conference.  Being nominated
for V.P. of Trails, it's probably a good idea that she's there.

I was planning to hike with her thru Section 18 (from Stephen Foster
Cultural Center to the Suwannee River State Park).  It looks like Joan will
have to get off the trail at the Spirit of the Suwannee Campground in order
to make it to the Conference and return to the trail later.

Now for the uncertain part.  Who would like to pick-up Joan and I at the
Spirit of the Suwannee (around Friday March 3)?  Is someone already planning
on doing this? Judy?  Deb? Sylvia?  I'm not sure if Joan has called someone
already.  If anyone knows more than I do, please let me know.

Jeff "Prairie Dog" Walters

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