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Re: [ft-l] FTA Maps

	I was very very disappointed in the FT maps for these reasons:
1. In the past, one could buy the guidebook, which included maps and data,
for not too much money.  Now, to buy all that information, i.e. all the maps,
costs an incredible amount of money.  I would prefer that there were an  option 
of getting the new maps and data in black and white on plain paper for a
reasonable cost, as in the past, for those who cannot afford the high-priced
2. Related to number 1, you can't fold the maps and put them in your pocket.
The option of plain paper copies would solve this.  They can be coated to make
them waterproof, but still foldable and write-on-able.  I do coat a lot of my
3. With all the maps in the same "ratio" (can't think of the proper word),
the smallish loop trails with a lot of twists and turns and loops are not shown
in enough detail.  I was dismayed with the way the Phipps Park map ("my" trail)
turned out.
	Bottom line is that I may buy a couple of the FT maps for my local area,
for "sentimental" reasons but I'm grateful not to be thruhiking and having to buy
all of them.  I know a bunch of people put in a lot of hours on this project, and
I'm sorry to have be so negative.  But I think they should have been printed on
waterproof paper (like the Appalachian Trail maps) instead of being stiff
plasticized things.  And they cost too much. I am a real map "nut" and collect
ones for trails I may never hike. But I won't be buying the FTA maps, and that
makes me very sad indeed. 
	Good things: 1. color, 2. topo details.
		Thanks for asking.

> So I would like to ask the list - What do you like about the maps?  What do
> you not like about the maps?  If we were to change the maps, what should be
> done differently?  What things should we retain?  Please be honest and
> specific.

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