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[ft-l] Joan "Igloo" Hobson - Section 7 - 2/5 to 2/6

Florida Trail Journal - Section 7
Deseret - Bull Creek WMF Area

Beginning: US 441 at Fontana Lake

End: Wolf Creek, SR 419

Total Mileage: ? Miles

Conditions: Logistics of hiking this section must be given thought.
Permission to cross Deseret lands must be secured (at least verbally) in
advance. This property may be closed to all hiking and alternate routes


Saturday February 5, 2000

Another hiker showed up last night and is hiking with us today. We got off
to a beautiful but chilly AM, about 7:30. Nice walk out of Three Lakes. Dry
to US441 North to Broussard Property and another "adventure". We got to the
Bull Creek and had to wade across. Very cold water about 30" deep. Had taken
off boots and sat to snack and replace. The next several miles were a
nightmare. We walked endlessly east to fresh orange blazes thru puddle after
puddle. Three were wide enough to require removing our boots again. We
finally got to Bull Creek WMA Property and faced a new barbed wire fence.
Next a fire break which was new and soft, a sand road, a jeep road and then
palmetto thickets with very poor foot path. The blazing is exceptional.
Tired and hungry we arrived at the Hunt Camp at 5:15PM. Nice fire and a
promise of a cold night in the 30's.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, February 11, 2000.


Sunday February 6, 2000

Cold AM, not up as early. Struggled but finally got the fire going and sat
and had hot goats milk. Finally, woke others. Took till 8:30AM to get on the
way. "Blue-Blazed" to Jane Green Bridges as we were told the rivers were up.
Tired of wet feet. Nice walk up Cementary Rd. Day is warming and we're
"peeling". Walked across the thru bridges - narrow and loose hand-rails. The
pump at the campsite is broken. Off up the dike in Deseret. All dikes seem
the same. We had lunch and dried gear. No stiles over two barbed-wire fences
so far. On to Penny Wash Creek Bridge - it's tipping and treacherous. I
managed to get across, but my pack is the lightest - the others managed
between a and the bridge. Nice cool water to drink. We passed a very large
rattlesnake which someone shot in the head. Beautiful animal probably
minding it's own business. I guess we've got only 2.7 miles to go today. We
just passed thru a "nursery". All the Ma-Ma cows had babies. They mooded and
left quickly. We reached camp at Wolf Creek. "Home" for the night. Tables,
fire ring and latrine. Not as cold as last night. Fire and to bed around

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, February 11, 2000.

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