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Re: [ft-l] Robins, Robins, ROBINS!!!!

Hi there,
 You experienced the the first of spring migration of birds from South
American and Central America. What a treat! Keep watching you will see cedar
waxwings, hear sandhill cranes overhead and all sort of warblers.

Sylvia  (:

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>Subject: [ft-l] Robins, Robins, ROBINS!!!!
>Date: Sun, Feb 13, 2000, 1:31 PM

> Yesterday (2/12) we went for an afternoon hike at the Lake Jessup Wilderness,
> a Seminole County wilderness area of the Sanford side of Lake Jessup.  I have
> never seen so many robins in one place in my entire life.  It was NOISY with
> robins calling.  At every turn of the trail we flushed scores of robins out
> in front of us.  I didn't see any other kind of bird.  Everytime we stopped
> to look, the woods were full of flying robins.  The trees were full of
> hopping robins.  Any birders on the list?  I know we can see robins year
> round here in central FL, but this was like some kind of robin convention.
> I've hiked this area before and seen a variety of birds, but this trail was
> robin central yesterday.
> Joan
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