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[ft-l] Joan "Igloo" Hobson - Section 3 - 1/25 to 1/28

More from "The Adventure" as Joan has decided to call this thru-hike.  This
is section 3.  Today I've updated thru section 8.  See the link below if you
would like to read on.  I'll post (via email) a couple more sections during
this weekend.

Happy hiking,
Jeff "Prairie Dog" Walters

Joan "Igloo" Hobson's FT Journal 2000 - "The Adventure"

P.S. - Joan Noris - I wish I could make it to your TGIF hike! Have fun! :)

Section 3 - Lake Okeechobee - West Side

Beginning: Clewiston

End: Okeetantee Recreation Area, Kissimmee River

Total Mileage: 42.4 Miles

Conditions: Dike walk between cities, canals, sugar cane fields along side
of dike. Water available at pump stations, but may have to look for tap.
Water must be treated. Water at manned buckhead ridge lock is potable. Very
little shade.


Tuesday January 25, 2000

Up to eat breakfast and off to the dike alone. Lots of boats on the canal.
There's a fishing contest this week. My leg is somewhat sore today so I'm
walking slower. Got to Moorehaven and "Manoeuvard" over the new bridge.
Found a nice room in the Rice Motel with a bathtub. Nice soaking. A small
restaurant is next door and this is the road I have to walk back to the
dike. Convenient.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Thursday, February 10, 2000.


Wednesday January 26, 2000

Up to a cold morning. Had a breakfast next door and off up the dike. Got
most of my cloths on. Clear sky and sun on the rise. Slowly walking. Stop
often to look around. Pack very light today - about 23 lbs. All the food
nearly gone and only a small amount of water to carry. I've passed the lock
and am up the dike. There are two sheltered tables and a designated campsite
on this area. Walking up to RT 78 and here comes my partner all over her
sickness. We're off to Harney Pond and a motel again. This will be the
coldest night. Saw several turtle nests on the dike and lots of birds.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Thursday, February 10, 2000.


Thursday January 27, 2000

Up to eat breakfast and pack. Cold this AM. Promises to warm later in the
day. A partner arrives at 8AM and we're off up the dike. We pass a couple of
turtle shells this AM and lots of bee hives. Walking on mostly grass covered
hard surface. It's taking longer than expected to get to Indian Prairie. I
think the mileage may be off. My partner decides to leave at noon and I'm up
the dike. A whole flock of swallows on the dike this AM. Saw my first
sandhill cranes. This is the largest straightest piece of dike I've walked.
There's a water tower up ahead. I think it's at Buck Head, but it doesn't
seem to get any closer. It's warming as the day progresses. I've reached the
Buck Head lock about 4 PM. My feet know I've walked about 16 miles today. I
found a very expensive rental for the night. The last one until I reach
RT60. Comfortable night, good rest. 4 motel/rentals in a row!

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, February 11, 2000.


Friday January 28, 2000

Some clouds and 60 deg.F this AM. Up and going around 7:30AM. I'll meet my
partner at the Okeetantee Recreation Area, this AM and onto RT70. About 1
mile before I reach Okeetantee, the woman I walked with yesterday showed up.
We walked into the recreation area and waited for another partner to arrive.
Off up the dike to Kissimmee River Fishing Resort. Day is warm and we're out
in the sun. We got started about 10:45AM and have about 10 miles to cover.
My pack is light. We're making good time, but the last road walk to the Fish
Camp seems long. After arrival, we settled things with Bobby and drove down
to find a place to camp. Surprise! Molley and Bruce have come. We now have
the van, Coleman stove, fire wood and other amenities for the night. This
was a pleasant and wonderful surprise. Comfortable night. The folks at
Kissimmee River Fishing Resort are especially nice to hikers. Restocked some
food, had a cold drink and a breakfast bun in the AM.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, February 11, 2000.

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