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Re: [ft-l] Chuck and Joan

> That is what I was thinking. He won't see Springer for a while. But he
> be in great shape when he gets there. He must be flip-flopping ( I haven't
> read his schedule yet). Hope he likes snow.

That was Chuck, not Chuch.  Oops...typo.... I believe he is up around
Osceola N.F. by now, probably passed it.  He seems to be moving pretty fast.

On another note... I saw and spoke to Joan "Igloo" Hobson at the Central
Florida Chapter Meeting here in Orlando!  Joan is making her way up to Lake
Mary and then into the Seminole State Forest very soon (Sat. - Sun.).  She
is looking well
and her spirits are high!  She's about 1/3 of the way up the FT.  Today I
received more of her trail journal and will be posting more sections as soon
as possible.

Happy hiking,
Jeff "Prairie Dog" Walters

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