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[ft-l] Chuch "Swamp Eagle" Wilson

I'd just pass this information to anyone who might know Chuck or who might
have helped him before he started his Key West to Canada hike!  He's on his

Happy hiking,
Jeff "Prairie Dog" Walters



I thought some of you who have helped me get this far in my effort to hike
from Key West to Canada might be interested in my progress.  Currently, I'm
in the middle of the Ocala National Forest, 600 miles and 37 trail days from
Key West.  For the most part the Florida Trail has been well maintained and
blazed.  The section thru Ocala National Forest is the best yet.  Biggest
downers so far are the longer road hikes.  The only other hikers I have seen
on the Trail were 3 day hikers in Hickory Hammock and two couples in the Big

For more detailed information on the hike, check the website that my wife
is trying to maintain with the sketchy info I pass to her:
Chuck Wilson   (aka Swamp Eagle)

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