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[ft-l] Cumberland Island Trip Report (abridged)

The full story of the FTA expedition to come in segments, but I've only just 
gotten home and unpacked. Here's the condensed version...

Room 11, Riverview Hotel.
Oysters, crackers, cocktail sauce & wine.
Our wilderness experience spoiled.
I felt like a snowplow.
Whomp! Whomp!
Alligator penis.
Three extra miles, but worth every step.
A long green corridor.
Subtle blues.
Faded glory.
Slews of sloughs.
Seven miles, 35 lbs, 3 hours.

That's the quick take on 5 days, 4 nights in the Cumberland Island Natl 
Seashore Wilderness. The ironic part: I'd queried Backpacker regarding an 
article, got a "no thanks." Then met a fellow yesterday who'd picked up a 
back issue of Backpacker that had Cumberland Island listed as one of a dozen 
winter destinations, so he up and left his cozy home in Charlotte NC and 
drove 5 hrs to go backpacking. "That short piece didn't do this place 
justice," he said.

I bet.

Cheers, Navigator

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