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Re: [ft-l] Ocala National Forest Trip Report - Final Chapter

Thanks for the trip report Solar Bear!
sounds like a great time.
I was supposed to be hiking for 18 days starting Wed and ocala was going to
be most of it.
Due to a work schedule change I will have to wait till right after the
confrence. Anyone care to join me for anytime in ocala? I plan on spending
at least 2 weeks there on the trails. Never realy hiked there and can't wait
to learn the area. I can go ether fast or slow. Plan on parking at the south
end then hiking up and back with side trips. I am trying out a tarp for the
first time, hope the weather is nice. The confrence got me psyched last year
and I did the big O the next week. this time 2 weeks will be better than
BTW anyone tried out Hearme.com ? I am trying to get some hikers together
for a chat.

So sad to hear about John, wish I had gotten to know him better.


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