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[ft-l] Hike Saturday, Feburary 5

I need to "thru-walk" an area where I'll be leading an FTA hike later this month.  The area is the new Lake Proctor Wilderness near Geneva (east of Oviedo/Orlando).  The trail is 95% shaded and skirts several interconnected lakes/ponds.  I want to start about 8:30 Saturday morning.  I'm guessing the hike will be about 5-6 miles.  I'm willing to either stop for early lunch on the trail or post-hike head 2 miles down the road to a teeny bar that serves decent hamburgers and isn't too sleezy.  I'd like to be home again no later than 2:00 p.m., so that should give you a time frame.

This is NOT an FTA sponsored hike and I don't want to call myself the leader, but I'm open to anyone joining me.  Please e-mail me off-list for directions.

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