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Re: [ft-l] Ocala backpack

Rich, you must have ESP or something!  Yeah, I would love to, I GOTTA GET
OUT AND HIKE!!!  Let me see how many days off I can get.  Can we start on
the 27th?  It would work out better for me.  Are you thinking of 5 or 6
days?  or do you want to do the Ocala Death March of 4 days? LOL, last years
Ocala Death March never materialized into anything...

I'll call you Friday or Saturday night,
Happy Hiking coming soon to a trail near you,
Jeff Walters

P.S. - I'll be hiking with Joan Hobson around March 1st thru the Suwannee
River when she gets up there.  If you're interested in joining us, let me

> I'm getting antsy and the weather is beautiful.  Gotta hang out here until
> the 25th, but I'm thinking of starting a hike of all of the FT through
> National Forest starting on the 26th.  Approx. 12 - 15 mile days, 66 miles
> total.  Anybody wanna join me?  Jeff?  If not, can anyone shuttle me from
> Rodman Dam (where I'll leave my car) to the Hwy. 42 Trailhead?
> Or if anybody's got a similar hike in mind elsewhere, I'll consider it.
> Happy trails,
> Solar Bear

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