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[ft-l] Joan Hobson is on her way.

Hi there gang, I keep forgetting to post this message - it must be
Alzheimers.  Now where was I, oh yeah.  I'd just like to let everyone know
that Joan Hobson is on her way up the Florida Trail.  She made her start on
last Thursday.  Did anyone go down there to see her off?  I'll be posting
her Journal as it comes in at.


Joan has warned me that she's not the most creative  writer, but I ensured
her that we'll all enjoy reading it.  Heck some of us will be 'trying' to
live the experience through her!

Before Joan left for the trail, we did get a chance to talk a little.  One
of the things that Joan brought up was a recent trail that has been flagged
to Store 88.  As some of you already know, Store 88 is in the middle of the
Ocala National Forest and is an important point for resupply and water for
thru-hikers coming up the FT.  Joan and her husband recently went out there
and flagged a trail from the FT East to Store 88 so you no longer have to
take the road hike to Store 88.  There is also a "W" sign for water.  Store
88 now allows tents behind the store, has hot showers, lots of food, a
'bigger' bar (new owner), and BBQ on the weekend.  They even have a web site
now, but I don't know the address.

Well, I gotta run,
Happy Hiking,
Jeff Walters

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