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[ft-l] Kissimmee River Hikes, Feb 19-21

Appears that the annual Kissimmee River backpack activities did not make it into the Footprint.  THEY ARE STILL SCHEDULED!!  Please inform others in your chapters, etc., who might be interested in going on this activity.
Details:  Two groups-  one traveling N-S, led by Jim Pace (bnipace@aol.com , 941/688-3125) and one going S-N, led by me (hale1@mindspring.com , 407/725-3345.  Trip is 3 days, 30 miles.  Trailheads at River Ranch (N) and at water control structure off rte 98 near Basinger (S).  Group size is limited, and there is a contingent of "regulars", so if you're interested or have questions, get in contact with one of us ASAP.
Happy Trails,
Pam Hale