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Re: [ft-l] lesson plans?

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LPinker456@aol.com writes:

> I am a high school ecology teacher and have recently started a unit on the 
>  florida greenway system and the florida trail.  We have been using the web 
>  and the class is enthralled with the trail, does anyone have any lesson 
>  ideas that I might supplement the unit with.

Might I suggest a field trip to Wekiva State Park with Deborah Green's two 
wonderful books:

Watching Wildlife in the Wekiva River Basin, and

Wekiwa Springs State Park Habitat Tour.

Deborah is also a teacher.  Her email address is green@ao.net.  I use these 
books to teach native flora and fauna to the Boy Scouts.

An additional idea is to cover the basics of the "Leave No Trace" system.  
It's never to early to teach youngsters respect for the environment and to 
tread lightly.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear

"The true profession of a man is to find his way to himself."  Still looking, 
but I'm not finding any blazes.  :)
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