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[ft-l] why i do not want a real job

yesterday john and i bushwhacked all day long in ocala
national forest.  we do that frequently.  but what was so
special about this trip was that we happened upon what
must be the florida association of black bears' headquarters.
i mean there was bear sign and obvious bedding at many
trees in the forest.  but i will never forget the headquarters.
it was a small prairie  with a round deep pond that has dried
up.  the bears have dug inside the pond so that there is still
a wet puddle in the center. the little pond was like a hub
with 2' wide paths in the grass leading out in all directions.
the paths strayed & branched to many bedding places around
the perimeter of the prairie.  oh, what scrub and brush (higher
than our heads) we lunged through most of the day.  but
yesterday it paid off big.what a gift!   we did not belong there.
we will not go back again.    : )


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