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Re: [ft-l] Dan Smith

I have been absent for two weeks (due to a faulty CPU fan) and the list goes
wild. What great conversation! Everyone has made good points and provided
great information. Does the FTA have an archivist? Carl: Will there be a
"History of the Florida Trail" manuscript soon?

Daryl and everyone else: What percent of the south end of the trail will I
be hiking in water over my boots in February? Don't worry I won't hold you
to it. Is it enough that I would not want to stop and change from boots to
sandals and back. What foot ware do you hike in?

I feel that water is a fact of life in Florida hiking and needs to be
documented well so that individuals can make informed decisions. It is not
hardship it self but unexpected hardship that disappoints hikers. I don't
hear hikers complaining about the parts of the AT that are more like
climbing than hiking.

As for thru vs. day: Both are right! A continuos trail the length of the
state will provide easy access for day hikers and a path for thru-hikers.
The loop trails are important for access of a larger part of the population.
We need the clout of a large part of the state voters who have been exposed
to the trail and the national prestige that having a thru-trail will bring.
If one of the states was to wipe out part of the AT there would be an out
cry from the local day hikers who would have the  national support of the
thru-hikers, thus no one messes with the AT. We will have that power! We are
well on the way!

Ok so I am a little late and could not help my self.


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