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[ft-l] my $.02

For various reasons I will never be a thru hiker.  I dearly appreciate the 
short hikes, the loops, the trails, and the day outings I am able to access.

Even more dearly I appreciate the mission while believing diversity within a 
specificed scope is one of the keys to success in any organization.  With 
that in mind I covet the days I spend snorkeling, camping, kayaking, etc in 
the company of other FTA members.  Without them I would be less of a risk 
taker.  Without them I would be a duller woman.  Without them my life would 
be not so "green".  And without them I'd be long gone and have missed the 
opportunities to meet some of the best friends I've ever known but would not 
have otherwise have crossed paths with in my ordinary life circumstances.

Please remember that FTA has something to offer to many from various 
backgrounds with various goals and for various reasons.

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