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RE: [ft-l] Day hike or thruhike

Just a friendly reminder that the primary mission of the Florida Trail
Association is to "build a continuous hiking trail the length of Florida."  Long
distance hiking is what the founders had in mind.  

Early FTA newsletters were full of backpacking trips, with an occasional day
hike or canoe trip thrown in for variety.  Over the years however, the
population influx, as well as societal changes in general, have shifted the
activity focus from high-prep extended activities to day trips.  We could
discourse a great length about why people want to do more things in less time,
but the fact is they just do.  So those are the types of activities the FTA
currently provides in abundance.

Which is also why we should not lose site of the "prime directive", and why
keeping the long distance hikers in the loop is essential.  Distance hiking and
day treks fulfill different objectives for different groups of people, but they
are still both similar enough (both mean outdoor walking) that the FTA-- which
has the depth of experience to handle it-- should consider both in its forward

'nuf said.

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>  I don't understand the
>  emphasis on the FNST as opposed to local trails.
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