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[ft-l] Getting the Word Out

Well, Jon Phipps did his bit last fall when he did a presentation at ALDHA 
(Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association).  ALDHA is a bit of a misnomer 
as the there are presentations on all the major trails and lots of trails 
that remain less well known.  The folks who show up for ALDHA meetings 
(annual) are either those dreaming of a long distance hike or those addicted 
to long distance hikes.  This year there was an attendance of close to 400 
such souls.  

Jon did gather a quite respectable turnout for his talk.  I'd guess about 
45-50 people were there.  If we want to attract the long-distance crowd, 
getting the word out at ALDHA is one way.  Another way is for those of us on 
other e-mail lists to keep sticking up for the FT.  Additionally, invite your 
out-of-state hiking friends to come down and give the FT a try.  Right now 
one out-of-state couple who just completed the Ocala section is posting a 
trip report to AT-L .

I really think that if we get a few more writers to come down and give the FT 
a serious try, we'll be getting more of that positive publicity.  (And I'm 
sure hoping that Dan Smith does complete his FT hike eventually; he's well 
known in the hiking community and his kind words would be very helpful.)  
Best guess--it'll just take more time to build a better reputation--and lots 
more hard work at getting the trail off the roads and into the woods.

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