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[CDT-L] Update: Flight of the Spiriteagle

We finally have access to e-mail at an Internet cafe in Houston so we can 
say hello and Merry Christmas to all. We're having fun visiting friends and 
family, though adjusting to city life is harder than we expected. We're 
heading back east tomorrow - from sunny 70's to icy '30s - ycch!
We're still trying to make sense of the past six months. The one thing we 
do know - it was a terrific experience. Every place we walked through had a 
unique beauty - from the high snowy peaks to broad sandy desert. The 
lifestyle, as you long distance hikers know, is addictive. In many ways, it 
was much harder than expected, but never more than we could handle. Despite 
the pain that is part of the process, we experienced a lot of joy, 
laughter, serenity and deep down happiness. People were terrific, going out 
of their way to help us when we needed it and sometimes when we didn't. It 
was always appreciated. The support we received from friends back home 
really helped us get through the hard times (and there are always some hard 
times) and made the easy times so much more enjoyable. Thank you all.

We hope to see some of you at the Ruck, and will be in touch when we get 
computer access again. We're still trying to figure out what comes next: 
settling down again to the workaday world, or heading to Campo to start the 
PCT or . . . ?
WARNING -- we'll see some of you during January - the Eaglemobile will be 
on the move. There are advantages to being homeless!
If the computers don't all melt down, we'd love to hear from you (or even 
if they do!) Happy New Year.
Jim and Ginny Owen
Flight of the Spirit Eagle

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