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Re: [CDT-L] where oh where

> My guess is that not many of us subscribed to this list actually 
> walk on the > CDT.  It's isolated from urban centers far more than the
PCT or AT.  

I am fortunate enough to live not too far from the CDT. Live in Ft.
Collins, CO

> get to know the Rawahs and Routts in northern Colorado until the 

Ah..the Rawahs..still exlporing that range myself. Only have been Ft.
Collins since August.  (And I have never attended CSU, so no Cowboys and
Rams rivalry please. :-) )

> If anyone has hiked sections of the CDT, or the whole thing, why 
> don't you
> reminisce about your experience.  I'd love to hear about it
"..and felt indeed as if I was truly repaid for the toil and pain of the
day, so much will a  good shelter, a dry bed, and comfortable supper
revive the sperits of the wayred, wet and hungry traveler."

----- from the journal of Meriwether Lewis
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