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Re: [CDT-L] where oh where

I moved to Laramie Wyoming, about 60 miles from the CDT, last August.  I can
feel the trail stretching through my backyard, much as I felt the PCT's
existence when I lived in Seattle.

My guess is that not many of us subscribed to this list actually walk on the
CDT.  It's isolated from urban centers far more than the PCT or AT.  It's not
yet complete, and is probably a bit more adventure than most people want.
The PCT guide opened up that trail and Jardine generated a different kind of
challenge, one more in tune with the 90's than previous decades.

I intend to hike sections of the CDT in Wyoming and northern Colorado, and
get to know the Rawahs and Routts in northern Colorado until the sabattical
year, oh so far away, even from the vantage point of a full 47 years.

If anyone has hiked sections of the CDT, or the whole thing, why don't you
reminisce about your experience.  I'd love to hear about it

Jeffrey Olson
Laramie, Wyoming, where summer persisted again today...

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