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Re: [CDT-L] where oh where

On Wed, 01 Dec 1999 06:44:47 -0700 Earl Needham <KD5XB@amsat.org> writes:
> At 11:28 PM 11/30/1999 -0700, Kelly Miller wrote:
> >So, is anyone reading this list? 

I am. Well, trying to read this lsit, few posts. :)
> >What is the meaning of life?

> 	Uh -- death and taxes?  <G>

Naaaaaaah......42! :)
> >Hello....is anyone out there?
> >
> >Am I all alone here?
> 	No, don't think so!

Do the voices in my head count as more than one person? :P

Seriously, I guess the CDT does not generate as much interest as its AT
and PCT cousins.  Having done the AT, the thought of a trail that is
still untamed, still isolated really gets the juices flowing.  My two
MUST DO trails are now the IAT and the CDT.
   The IAT goes through some remote areas of Quebec and will be a trail
that is still fairly isolated, at least for now. I think the IAT will
eventually become a popular trail. Maybe not on the scale of the AT, but
not as remote and wild as it is now.
     The CDT looks like one of the few true adventures left in the lower
48. Desert,  Mountains, Snow. Need map and compass skills. Miles and
Miles away from towns. Spectularly hard work  that is rewarded with
spectular views and experiences. Been reading and viewing all I can on
this wonderful trail.  Hopefully get to do it in 2004. That is the year I
turn 30, and will be a fitting end to my 20's, and the start of a new


"..and felt indeed as if I was truly repaid for the toil and pain of the
day, so much will a  good shelter, a dry bed, and comfortable supper
revive the sperits of the wayred, wet and hungry traveler."

----- from the journal of Meriwether Lewis
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