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[CDT-L] Update: Flight of the Spirit Eagle

Talked to our hikers again!
They hit Reserve a little sooner than they thought because the mileages they
had figured were off a bit.  Whe we last left them, they were about to hitch to
a burger because they found Pietown closed.

(Personal Note...I am an atypical hiker in that I don't really enjoy pizza, 
burgers or
ice cream but to anticipate a town called Pie and to leave it with out 
several wedges
of same ......well.....for me that would be nightmare fodder!!!!!!!!)

Pie town has a rep for Trail angels and excellent magic, but no one was around.
Jim and Ginnyhad burgers on the brain so a 20 hitch to the next town seemed
in order.  This was not to be an easy hitch...in fact after a couple hours 
of thumbs
out with no luck, they began considering "If it's this hard to get out of 
town, how
long will it take us to get back"  and the need to feed was put on the back 
and they returned, unfulfilled to the trail.

This was a very brief call from another baaad, noisy roadside payphone so there
aren't many trail goodies to share today.  They have been enjoying the elk 
and actually were followed for some time by an elk.  One night, Ginny 
thought she
may have heard a Mt Lion but she is not sure if she dreamed it or the noise 
woke her
and it was really there.  They have seen no tracks or scat that could be 
identified as
anything bigger than a bobcat.  The are about to head into some reeeaal 
again..into the Gila NF.  Thie section is a lot like the old maps that 
showed the edge of
the world with the legend "Beyond here lay monsters"  because there is not 
really a
  common route or info to follow.   Water should not be an issue since 
there will be
some 60 stream crossing in one 30 mile stretch. .....and that's the drier 
route HA!
Brrrrr I see cold wet pruney feet in their future.  Well at least they 
should have
a chance to warm up those tootsies when they hit Gila Hot Springs.  Of course
if there is no pie in Pie Town how can you be sure <g>.
Speaking of water....they have lost alllll confidence in water 
filters.  After last
week, they both think they may have Giardia.  Now we all know that there is 
a lot
of ways you can pick up the big G.from the tubes or your hands yada yada, so
folks might not want to jump to the conclusion that it was the filters fault.
Jims problem is as he says "How can you trust them if you put brown water in
and get brown water out....put green water in and get green water out"
To which I add..yeah..just how big is a micron anyway!  This hike has 
really been
a lot about water.  Well that's it for today ,

c/o John Kramer  (Ranger Station)
Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
HCR 68 Box 100
Silver City NM 88061

Deming, NM 88030   about the

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