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[CDT-L] RUCK Info (very long)

Someone asked:

Is that additional to the $12 per night?  Something new?  Where goes the day
use fee go?  Not for nothing, but that's that's $17 per night, and will we
still  be obligated to do chores?

Yes there will be a 5 buck day use fee for Saturday.  This is a set fee charged
by the hostel for any use of their facility between the hours of 9:30 AM and
5:00 PM.  So for 29 bucks, you get the use of the hostel from 5:00 PM
Friday to 9:30 AM Sunday.  These are the standard fees charged by the
hostel.  And there will still be chores.
When we get closer to the Ruck, we will try and find out when folks intend to
show up on Friday.  If there are enough folks who will be coming in before
5:30, we can maybe work a deal with the hostel to open a little early.
Last year, there were only a dozen or so of us there before 5:00 and
some of them had been staying at the hostel for days.
The same deal goes for Sunday morning.  Last year, the place emptied out
pretty fast on Sunday morning....something about a football game and a long
drive home I think <B>.  But if there is enough interest by people who want
to stick around on Sunday, we will try and work something out with the hostel.

We have been spoiled by Tom's kindness in the past years.
The hostel is part of a big chain and they have set rules as to fees.

And someone wrote:
I'll be there, but can you give us an idea of what this years "program" is
looking like?

Well ..you know the Ruck!!  Pretty easy going but there will be a few
learning opportunities and fun stuff scheduled on Saturday.  When we nail
every one down, the schedule will be up on the website and posted everywhere.
Plus there will be a contest or two, like the chili cookoff and the stove 
But the real focus of the Ruck will be the same as always!  A chance to
talk trail with folks who don't think you are crazy to want to go hiking.
There will be scales there to weigh you gear (SCALES NEEDED)
and lots of hikers more than ready to Tuckerize your pack.
Folks set up there tents in the side yard so everyone can see the tent
of their dreams in person.  Gear will be EVERYWHERE
I heard a rumor that there may be a new Nomad debuting this year but no
confirmation as yet <g>.
There will be a vid machine at the ready if anyone has and vids to view.
And in case ya dinna know it, the hostel in on the AT so hikes are likely!

As far as any set schedule, we are working on it.  Details will follow but
this is a general idea........
Friday,   there will be a welcome hiker supper of pasta and salad
Desset donations needed anyone bake brownies??
Friday evening is open for meetin and greetin and swapping tales
Saturday morning there will be pancakes for breakfast
Saturday morning, Tommy (SloeToe) is going for a Run and wants some company
And hiking!!!!  Shuttles welcome.

Saturday @ 10:00 AM John O'Mahoney and Michael McConnick will
do a presentation on Light Weight Backpacking
Saturday lunch will be "stone soup"..bring yer veggies <g>
Homemade bread would sure be welcome too! And Pie???

Saturday @ 1:00 PM Laurie Potteiger will do a presentation on
LNT (Leave No Trace Techniques)
Saturday afternoon, we hope there will be some informal presentations
Anybody know anything about compass use?
Or other useful stuff for the 2000 hikers?
The Stove Challenge....... From Bottle to Boil
Sly and Wudz are the judges...we need a third in case of a tie!
Saturday @ 4:00  New and Used Gear Auction.  so far we have two goodie
boxes of trail food, a RUCKsack, a 'hiker crossing' sign, two cans of GAZ,
a combination backpack and loveseat(???), two nearly new thermarests,
some stuff donated by the ATC from their Trailstore, and an MRS cookpot.
And dig around in your gear boxes for anything that you don't use anymore!
Even if you can't make it to the Ruck, you can send it to us and we'll make
sure it makes it to auction.  ..e-me for details
PGH and Feelix (maybe he will maybe he won't) will be the auctioneers
and all money goes to the Ruckfund to be donated in honor of Ed Garvey
to either the Place or the ATC...
BTW..today is the last chance to vote on that.
Saturday, there will be a pot luck supper combined with the chili cookoff.
If you wanna be a chili judge, it'll cost a 5 dollar donation to the 
The potluck is free of course.  You know the way it works....
bring a dish and your appetite!  If the last two years are any indication, 
you will
be faced with the ACYE  of every hiker's dream.  For the cooking challenged,
some munchees or maybe wood for the fire would be good!

At  7:00 PM, we draw the RotsaRuck Raffle (great idea Paddler!) winners
and no, you do not need to be present to win!
Tickets will be available by mail.
A very kind lister has volunteered to handle that headache but doesn't want
to start it just yet..details to follow next week.

Jim and Ginny Owens tell me they will have slides from their CDT thru
on Saturday nite.

Sly has  volunteered his PCT slides...Woohoo!

Anyone else have some slides they can share?
Anyone have a projector?

Sunday morning breakfast pancakes, chores and tearful goodbyes <sigh>and 

The webmistress for the RUCK is in the process of moving into a new house,
so I haven't bugged her with any updates to the page but you can check it out
and bookmark it for more info as time draws nigh
Please note that the website still says the Ruckfund money will go to 
If looks like that may change to The Place in Damascas for much needed
maintainance to this AT hiker hostel.  A decision will be made this weekend
and we will update that ASAP 
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