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[CDT-L] Misc Notes (Admin)

Hi All,

    A few quick notes:

        o The PCT and AT archives are up to date through the end of
October, they can be found here:


        o I'm still getting complaints of the occasional duplicate
message going out.   If you receive a pair of messages that are the
same, please forward the messages with complete headers to me privately
(ryan@inc.net)... this appears to be the only way to really track this

        o Lately, a number of people are trying to post to the lists
from non-subscr*bed addresses (i.e. subscr*be with one address and post
with another)- the list software sees these posts as non-members and
rejects them (on purpose- as an anti-spam measure).   If you get a
message bounce back when you try to post that looks like this in the

             BOUNCE at-l@backcountry.net: Non-member submission from
["You" <You@lame.net>]

             Then you're having this problem.  To fix this, just send me
(ryan@inc.net) an email from this other address requesting that I add
your other address to my exception list and I'll take care of it.

        o We've got a new list: The NCT-L.   Ryan Patrick Bowles
(rpbowles@midway.uchicago.edu) will be administering it.  You can join
by sending a SUBSCR*BE message to NCT-L-REQUEST@BACKCOUNTRY.NET.    As a
reminder, this means we've got the AT, CDT, FT, IAT, NCT and PCT now.

(replace the *'s above with i's)

Ryan K. Brooks                          V: 414-908-9000
ryan@inc.net                            F: 707-885-4944

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