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[CDT-L] Introduction

Hi, I just finished a thruhike of the Pacific Crest Trail, so I may have
fallen into the folds of the throes of being a long distance hiker.  At any
rate, during the last weeks of my hike, I found myself designing equipment
again and thinking about the Continentail Divide Trail.  So I am on the
mailing list to get an education about the CDT ,as I know nothing about it.

I am basically retired and my interests are climbing, visual arts, botany,
aikido, flying and spirituality(perhaps the last two are linked).  I make
much of my own equipment (the tent, sleeping bag, and pack that I made
weighted 6 pounds total), hike with a moderately lightweight pack (base
weight about 16 pounds), and get to where I am going but do so slowly.  I
and my husband are currently trying to build a house in Concrete, WA.  I
think at this point that the project might be classified more as a hobby
than anything else.

I have climbed in the Beartooths, the Wind River Range, in about 3 areas of
the Rockies in Colorado,and in the Sangre de Cristo range.  Most of my
"hiking" has been done in the Western states.

My short term goals are to paint outside for 40 days (I am not talking
about house painting, although it would probably please my husband more)
and include something of the weather in each of the paintings, to perhaps
run-walk an ULTRA early next spring, to walk the southernmost 500-600 miles
of the PCT next spring, and dabble in the CDT with a month long walk
somewhere next summer or fall.

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