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[CDT-L] Introduction

  Just a brief not to say hello to the list.  My name is Paul Magnanti
and have recently (this past August) moved to Colorado after having lived
in Rhode Island for most of my 25 years.
In 1997, I did an end to end hike of Vermont's Long Trail..decided that I
enjoy  long distance hiking, and did the AT in 1998. As a last hurrah for
Eastern hiking, I re-did the LT again this past summer.  Since moving to
Ft. Collins, I have played in RMNP and the Rawahs. Was surprised at how
much RMNP reminded of my previous playground -the Whites of  Hampshire.  
Currently, I am building log homes and enjoy the flexibility it allows so
I can pursue my dream of being a hiking bum.  :-) 

  Plan on doing the PCT in 2002, and as a 30th birthday present to
myself, the CDT in 2004.
If finances permit, I would really like to do the IAT/SIA in the next
year or so   and get used to saying "Oui" and "Bonjour" for a bit. :D

The CDT is all new to me, so probably only post once in a while. Looking
forward to learning more about the CDT.   



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