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[CDT-L] New member of the list

We finished the PCT September 19 after a great hike and couldn't wait to
find out something about the CDT.  So we've sent in our $10 to CDTS and
joined the list.

Ann and I hiked the AT in '94 and were amazed at how many '94 hikers were
on the PCT this year.  So maybe 2004 will be the right year for us on the

In the meantime we don't even know which direction to hike.  We got so
much out of the PCT list to prepare for our hike, and will be grateful
for any help from this list.  I'll be glad to answer any questions about
the trails we have hiked or lightweight backpacking. 

Annie and the Salesman 
AT '94, JMT, '95, CT '97, PCT '99
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