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[CDT-L] Re: Update: Flight of the Spirit Eagle


this weekend I decided to do the Jones pass -> James peak bit of the CDT,
... with a couple dozen freshly baked cookies in my pack should I run into a 
couple of thruhikers <VBG> ... 
The weather, needless to say, did not cooperate. I ended up just doing the 
Jones-Berthoud pass section. I didn't have any problems routefinding w/ all the 
snow/sleet, but I've done this section many times. I suspect it is definitely a 
bit daunting to do it for the first time under those conditions.

Jim, Ginny, sorry I never ran into you guys, but good luck. There usually is a 
pretty good Indian summer this time of year, but then this summer has been very 
odd -- cool, w/ lots of rain & thunderstorms.

From Silverthorne, you've got one more high ridge (10 mile range) and then 
you're lower through the Sawatch, so you should be ok. Enjoy the Aspens! They're 
beautiful this time of year.

Mark Tabb
(AT '96)

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