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[CDT-L] Re: snow in CO

At 07:43 AM 9/21/99 -0700, you wrote:
>. Also, I'm not sure what route they are following because in the post it 
>mentioned them traversing 5 14,000 foot peaks. While the Divide Route is 
>high, nowhere does it "officially" traverse any 14-ers, though the Divide 
>itself does pass over a few.

This is my error.  I looked at my notes and it said 5 peaks followed
later by 13.000, 13500, 13900. and I rounded and warped that into 5 14000
when it should have been 5 of 13000 to 14000.
I am really an awful transcriber with an even worse memory.  And am really not
focused on tech info but in what they are doing and how they are doing in 

I know a lot of the cdters are looking to these reports for accurate,
good info, and I'm sorry I'm not providing it.  You have to understand, 
these calls
are more friend to friend ....not giving trail reports.  The good news is 
that Ginny is
keeping a diary and will be able to relay much better info when their  hike 
is done,
I explained the problem to Ginny and we decided that I will try to at least 
some names of passes and such to keep things straight, but i can't promise much
more than that.

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