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[CDT-L] Re: Your CDT hike


Didn't get to Sheridan Pass because of black toes and lack of desire to 
continue despite them.

However, here are some general observations, some of which you told me at 
the ALDHA-West Gathering last year:

*  Carry a GPS navigator, if one never wants to get lost; otherwise, get 
lost a few times.  The tradeoff in weight carried and being lost is even; 
you choose.
*  Two years are required to enjoy the whole trail under good conditions.  I 
would do as you suggested, starting July 4ish from either Glacier or So. 
Pass City (or Rawlins to avoid a hitchhike and the hot weather in the Gr. 
Div. Basin) and head south.  Question I have is water availability in NM 
during Sept.??
*  Bus service to various spots along the trail is relatively convenient, 
except for E. Glacier where the Empire Builder train from a major city is 
the way to go.
*  While David Patterson's book was convenient for planning, especially for 
someone new to the trail, I believe the routes that you, The Society, 
promote are generally the best considered and most enjoyable.

Thanks for everything.  See you on the CDT next year??


(bil'je, adj., slang for worthless or silly talk or writing; nonsense)

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>Subject: Your CDT hike
>Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 19:34:09 EDT
>Bill --
>Thanks for the reports during the summer, especially the observations 
>Yellowstone.  If you put together an account of your observations, please
>send it along to me.  It sounds as if you had some good times, though the
>snow this year must have been a real complication.
>Did you take a picture of the Tetons from Sheridan Pass?
>I know you are probably away until about Sept. 18, but I look forward to
>hearing from you on your return.
>Happy trails!
>Jim Wolf

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