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[CDT-L] Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 10:30:40 PDT

Home at last, thank God I’m home at last.  I just got to feeling that there 
were other things I should, and wanted, to be doing.
Anyway two sore, black toes cropped up in a new pair of shoes, an updated 
version of  a very good and popular shoe, NB801; should have bought ˝ size 
larger in the NB802 – training hikes weren’t enough to discover the problem. 
  Will let Road Runner Sports know about this.  The toes took me off the 
trail at Togwotee, just short of finishing off WY and the Wind River Range, 
which is special enough to return to some other year.
The trip from Mack’s Inn, ID to Togwotee Lodge was a good one nevertheless.  
Ran into Wm Emerson, “Marathon Man”, after getting off the bus in Mack’s 
Inn.  He had found the dinner theatre there serves all-you-can-eat buffet, 
so we took in “Paint Your Wagon” that evening – a completely unexpected, and 
fullfilling event.  Followed Jim Wolf’s route into Yellowstone Park the next 
day, and found Lathim Spring easy to find and flowing fast, and the west 
entrance well marked.  The rangers at Old Faithful took extra effort to find 
campsites for our two nights in the park; calling ahead from Mack’s Inn 
might have made it much easier.  Saw a great, bonus thermal area going into 
Heart Lake and a moose up close.  Scenery got better going south in 
Yellowstone.  Approaching Togwotee, rain, with hail, turned parts of the 
trail into a greasy slide – wheee!  Fortunately the upper parts of the grade 
up to Togwotee were dryer, making an otherwise tortuous climb passably easy. 
  Accomodations at Togwotee Lodge are nice, but expensive; even though the 
desk clerks were not aware of the 50% room discount mentioned in Dave 
Patterson’s guidebook, they did honor it.
Took a hitchhike and a local transit bus to get to the Greyhound in Idaho 
Falls.  Overall about 23 hours travel from Togwotee to Richland, WA – not 
bad.  I’m getting more and more convinced that bus travel to and from 
trailheads on the CDT is pretty efficient.
Will start building two new tarp/tents today, to verify simplified layout 
and construction ideas, before putting together plans for 1 and 2-man 
versions to be made available at the ALDHA-West Gathering, Oct. 1-3.
It’s been a good journey; I only wish to have crossed paths with more hikers 
along the way.
Good luck to all hikers still out on the trail.


bilgy (bil'je) adj. looking or smelling like bilge water(slang for worthless 
or silly talk or writing; nonsense)

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