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[CDT-L] Update: Flight of the Spirit Eagle

Remember when Ginny wrote this?

''Anyhow, we ended up in Anaconda early
because they kicked us out of Glacier. We weren't misbehaving, a bear was.
He tore into some hung packs at a campsite.  Until they had resolved the
situation, they closed the trail through the park.  Too bad, since Red Eagle
Lake is one of the nicer campsites.  They said that if it was a black bear,
they would remove the bear, if it is a grizzly, they would remove the
hikers.  Discrimination! ''

Well I wonder if this was the same bear........



Earlier in the day, a sow grizzly bear mauled three people in two separate 
incidents in what are
  believed to be surprise encounters in the southeast corner of the park.

  The attack came 32 years to the date after two park employees were mauled 
to death by

  The two men and a women attacked Friday are in stable condition at 
Kalispell Regional Medical
  Center and none of their injuries are life threatening, Eaker said.

  The maulings occurred in two separate incidents around noon on the 
Scalplock Lookout Trail
  about four miles from the Walton Ranger Station, Eaker said.

  Two maintenance workers on horseback came upon the first injured person, 
a 42-year-old
  Bruce Gillis of Philadelphia as he stumbled down the trail. The workers 
were on their way to the
  lookout to perform seasonal repairs.

  The injured hiker told the men he surprised a bear as he was walking 
alone on the trail, Eaker
  said. The park workers were able to bandage some of the man's injuries - 
numerous puncture
  wounds, lacerations, and a severely damaged left arm.

  The two other hikers who were mauled - a 45-year-old man from New 
Hampshire and
  35-year-old woman from Maine - caught up with the maintenance crew as 
they were slowly
  bringing Gillis down the trail on horseback, Eaker said.

YIKES!!!!  Glad they decided to exit stage south...

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