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Well our hikers have called in.
And you can call them  because they have a phone number!!!
At least until Wed. AM at 307-455-2540

They found that the Cowboy Resort was just a bit too resortey
  and crowded for a couple of hikers so they are headed on
down the road a piece to find a different bunkhouse <g>.
What a surprise to find that the resort is 14000 feet up in 2.5 miles
from the trail!!!
They have been deep in the "Cowboy" west for some time now for good or for 
Salad bars are hard to come by because if there are ten items on the menu, nine
of them are steak and the other is burger.  Even Jim and Ginny's hiker
hunger isn't up to 24 oz steaks!!!!

Their trip through Yosemite went well.  It's a permit situation, so they
had to put in the miles to keep to the allowed schedule.  So they were
delighted that their 'scripted hike allowed them to see5 geysers blow.
Yep.....just them and the geysers and a few thousand tourists!!!!!

More tomorrow

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