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[CDT-L] Update: Flight of the Spirit Eagle

Our hikers have hit Leadore!

Again, I must say that this comes from scanty notes and memory,
so please forgive me if I've muddled it.

They called in from Leadore, a bit out of breathe 'cause they had
almost been run over by a drunken cowboy on horseback, galloping
down the main street!  And it was hard to hear them over the sound
of the wind which was roaring over the phone receiver.  Ginny said she
wished she could bottle some of that wind to use against the 'skeeters
in camp!  And I think, they might have been munching gingerbread
while we talked.  <grin>

They did get a ride back to the divide and needed only a couple miles
cross country to regain the trail.  A blessing, the trail was gentle
as they recuperated, at least for a couple days, as it followed
jeep roads which ran right along the divide.  Tuff part was that
there were no markers and the maps were not too helpful.  So they
ended up hiking with trailguide in hand trying to decide which fork
in the road they should follow.  But the scenery was magnificent.
Hiking for days, essentially above treeline!

Eventually, they returned to foot trails and suddenly, within a half day
and about 1000 ft of elevation all the trees were gone and they were
hiking in much more desert like terrain.  High pasture for cows and
there were a LOT of cows.  Hundreds and hundreds of cows!!!
And it seems that cows are not hiker friendly.  Stomping and snorting
and bluff charging and stampeding....yikes!!!!  At one point, as they
paralleled a barbwire fence which marks the Id. Mt border, a group
of bulls kicked up a terrible commissions.  With all the mooing  and snorting,
the hikers were glad there was wire between them and the bulls but
sooner or later, they had to cross that fence and confront the bulls..
Suddenly, from Jim and Ginny's side of the fence, came another moo
of sorts and J&G turned to see a bull elk who had come to investigate
the racket.  He jumped the fence and during the resulting commotion,
our hikers  slipped past and continued on the trail.

Ginny's finger is healing although painful and not very useful.  Jim has
to do all the packing and stuffing and tying and buckling. And in a
couple days he will remove Ginny's stitches.  His leg is better but
as he loses weight, ie padding, his hipbelt is finding a touchy
nerve on his hipbone.

Well that's about it.....except some oneliners <g>

Unless Jim's wrist altimeter is waaay off, they had their first 10,000
foot elevation day..topping of at near 11,000 ft actually.

To Mark Dixon...Hey Mark, there damn well are snowcups in MT.
You just have to get above 7000 feet to find them <Grin>.

To Earthworm....MUCH better than SwissMiss

To Amy.....munch..yum...munch

Next stop Lima MT in 5 or 6 days
address cards/letters/packages to
General Delivery
Lima, MT 59739
and add:
"Please hold for CDT Hikers Jim or Ginny Owen"

Then in another 5 or 6 days

Jim or Ginny Owen
c/o Macks Inn Resort
Highway 20
Macks Inn, ID 83433

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