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[CDT-L] Update: Flight of the Spirit Eagle

Our hikers are heading out and UP!
Just a bit from me to share a call from Jim and Ginny,
then to their words.  They have been truely in the lap of
Trail Angels.  Our phone conversation went into much
greater detail about the wonderful people who just happened
to find Jim and Ginny in the middle of nowhere and take care of
them these last days.  For the hikers on the list, you know we
sometimes disagree about the modern meaning of Trail Magic
and Trail Angels, but this episode has got to be the quintessential

       Farewell to Salmon

We are leaving the kind folks at the Salmon Valley Baptist Church tomorrow
morning early.  We will end up missing a small portion of the trail (about
25 miles) - but that gives us one of many good reasons to come back.  There
was a way to bushwhack back to where we left the trail from this side of the
Divide, but it didn't seem like a good idea to be sliding down more rocks
and snow at this point. So we are going in on a jeep road farther down the
Divide, at Goldstone Pass.

This has been a wonderful visit here - terrific welcoming people, a chance
to participate in an exciting project, (Jim prefers to tote wood and tools
to sitting with his leg up - go figure!), a chance to talk about spiritual
things with people who live their beliefs, and hiker hog heaven as far as
food goes - imagine Delaware Water Gap's Thursday night supper - twice a
day!  It will be hard to go back to oatmeal and noodles. It has been a real
treasure to meet these people - both the people of Salmon who were so kind
and those who traveled across the country to help build the new church.  It
is a very different world - though in many ways it reminds me of the world
of the trail maintainers, just with hymns added.

We met someone here from the BLM who saw Dave and the two guys that used to
be behind us. They passed us while we were off trail. Oh well, this isn't
our year to meet other thruhikers.  We should be in Leadore in 3-4 days and
will call from there.  We're now about a week behind schedule, but we can't
let that worry us.  This stop was necessary for a lot of reasons, and if we
don't catch up, we don't catch up.  Wyoming will wait until we get there.
Jim's leg is better - not so inflamed, and my finger seems to be healing all
right. It still looks pretty ugly, but I don't think it will fall off now.

Walk softly,
Ginny & Jim
Flight of the Spirit Eagle

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