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[CDT-L] Home Again - July 5

Hello, from Richland, WA.
Got back in town this p.m. after hiking thru some snow between Muddy Pass 
and Grand Lake, CO.  Snow was still hanging in there, unconsolidated, at 
 >11,000 ft., making travel and route finding on the north and east sides 
difficult, especially since the tree line comes up to that same level on the 
north sides of the ridges and peaks.  Got tired of that, but made it to 
Grand Lake, bypassing Parkview Mt and Cascade Peak, in 3 days.  Had blurry 
vision and pain in left eye which turned out to be a viral infection; Kent 
at the Grand Lake Pharmacy was helpful in finding the only local help, an 
optometrist in Granby.  So...took a few days to doctor the eye and consider 
the next stretch to Silverthorne:  too many 12,000 ft. peaks and ridges with 
long stretches of trail on the north side and the likelihood of long 
approaches through unconsolidated snow amongst the trees.  Traversable by a 
determined person, not me, so I called it quits and came home.
Actually, I spent 4 days at the Zerweck's, cousins from St. Louis, who have 
a summer home just south of Granby; we had a most enjoyable and relaxing 
visit, much overdue.
Will attempt Glacier Park next with Marathon Man, Wm Emerson, according to 
the schedule you received June 24.  I'll leave for Glacier Park (on the 
Empire Builder out of Pasco, WA) the evening of Friday, July 9.
Hope everyone is well, has had an enjoyable Holiday, and that your summer 
will be a good one.

Bill Gurwell


bilgy (bil'je) adj. looking or smelling like bilge water([slang] worthless 
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