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[CDT-L] Update: Flight of the Spirit Eagle

       Greetings from Lincoln
       Wed, 09 Jun 1999 23:17:42 GMT
       Jim and/or Ginny Owen <spiriteagle99@hotmail.com>

Hi - we are taking a day off in Lincoln MT to rest sore muscles and
blisters.  It is a really friendly town - nice and compact with Internet
service at the Library - hence the note.  So far the trip is going well. In
some ways, it is what we expected, but much more so.  The country is
incredibly beautiful - miles of snowy ridges, flowery hillsides, grassy
ridges - absolutely awesome.  It also has some of the most changeable
weather I've ever seen. Within an hour we can experience blue skies and snow
flakes, hail, rain and sunshine. Everything but heat at this point, though
that is supposed to change. We were told to expect a winter trip, even in
summer - they were right. We have had the fun of learning to use ice axes
across snowy slopes, and plunging hip deep into soft snow in the trees. We
have followed bear tracks and seen where a grizzly was digging up wild
onions  along the trail (he moved some BIG rocks and left some BIG scat) -
but haven't had a close encounter - yet.  We have seen antelope, moose and
deer and lots of tracks of other critters. There are a lot of elk out here
but they are shy.  There are wildflowers in abundance, even between the snow
patches. The trails vary a lot - from old jeep tracks to newly cut sidehill
along open ridges. Some places are very well marked, except at the
junctions. For some reason, they like to make us guess which direction to
choose.  We spend at least a little while every day searching for the trail,
though that should get better when it isn't snow covered. It is hard to find
blazes that are buried by the snow!  Tomorrow we start north into the
Scapegoat Wilderness. It has been snowing in the mountains all day - so it
should be an interesting section.  Because of the cold, it isn't a leisurely
hike, but it has been a good one so far. It is a good life - but not an easy
Walk softly,
Jim and Ginny
Flight of the Spirit Eagle

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