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Re: [CDT-L] anaconda cut-off

 Virginia Owen <OWEN@TheAdvisoryGroup.com> writes:
>I have a specific question for those who have hiked the Anaconda 
>cut-off: Is there any water between Champion Pass and Warm Springs? We
plan to 
>hike from Warm Springs northward, which makes it 20 miles to the first 
>water I know about, at Cold Spring. Was there anything on the way up? 

I hiked that in '97. One area that is probably to close for water resuppy
After you cross interstate, you will be on a dirt road north then one
east,  before going xc, as guide states. Their is a creek about 1/4 south
of that east road, you can tell by the trees, creek then runs parallel to
road in about a mile.  (Don't go to far on east road, cause when start
xc, there are many fences to cross)     After a short xc, you will be on
another dirt road, heading east, which you will follow all way to the
pass. After you start climbing, there are some water  places along road,
before pass. Didn't see any water after pass. When you get to pass,  turn
left at junction, and just keep following road all the way to sping. When
you see an abandoned lookout hut,  on top of a hill on road, (about 8-10
miles) you are about 3 -4 miles from spring (thats about where climbing
ends, pretty flat till spring) When you get to power lines that crosses
road, about 2 miles after hut, make a sharp left., go under power lines,
follow road, you will see spring on your left , in sloped medow,  right
at another road junction. I was heading south, so I went xc from CDT to
Leadville, to spring.

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