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[CDT-L] Hachita on the Whoapath

Nine days out of Tombstone, I have reached Hachita NM, first mail stop 
northbound on the Continental Divide Trail.

"A necessary and sufficient condition for a life a become an adventure 
is to tell someone about it." (Jean Paul Sartre).  I am not sure if I 
want my life to become an adventure.  I might wish it to become nothing 
at all, to evaporate like an evening mist to reveal a star-spangled 
heaven beyond.  The problem with progress reports is that the mind gets 
caught up in a thicket of word symbols, when it might be better for 
spiritual practice, for example, to focus on breath awareness.  So this 
might be my last CDT progress report for awhile, but a milestone has 
been reached.

Finally my CDT northbound hike proper is underway, after a 25 day 
preliminary walk across southern Arizona, from Organ Pipe Cactus 
National Monument to Antelope Wells NM, via the Papago Reservation, 
Sasabe, Nogales, Sierra Vista, Tombstone, Apache, Geronimo's Surrender 
Site, and the Animas Valley (Gray Ranch).

Worst problem: Chronic shortage of water everywhere.  Ironically my 
water purifer was seldom used, and for its weight and volume may not be 
carried much farther.  Alternatives are boiling water, treating with 
iodine, or for giardia taking metronidazole bought over the counter in 

Worst moment: Staring at the black bore of an insolent gun while seeking 
water on no trespassing private property.

Best moments: Receiving two gallons of water from Joe Papas, U.S. Border 
Patrol, when lost south of Papago Farms.  Also reaching gentle San Luis 
Pass on the Continental Divide under clearing skies, after a shivering 
morning of sleet and cutting wind.

Some comments about Antelope Wells: Now that I have done the 45 mile 
walk up from Antelope Wells to Hachita, I can compare it with the 
alternate CDT route Columbus-Deming, favored by Jim Wolfe of the CDTS. 
Like Jim, all things considererd, I agree the Columbus/Palomas terminus 
might be better.  True, Antelope Wells is closer to the Divide, but it 
is not on the Divide.  The Divide is owned by the Gray Ranch which has 
put up large white "No Trespassing Private Road" signs all around its 
vast perimeter.  Antelope Wells/El Berrendo is difficult to access, 
although an eight-mile hitchhike or walk up from the Juarez-Janos 
highway is feasible, or ferry service by Mr. Pat Harris of the Hachita 
Egg Nest (theeggnest@vtc.net) might be available sometimes.  The region 
is so remote that the Antelope Wells - Animas school bus route happens 
to be the longest in the United States.  In fact the state of New Mexico 
pays parents a gas mileage allowance to drive their kids to the nearest 
bus stop.  The lonely 45 mile hike past zebra-striped Big Hatchet 
Mountain on coarsely paved straight highway may be too much of a giant 
first step for fresh northbounders, and too tedious for weary 
southbounders who have already seen it all.  The clincher: Antelope 
Wells/El Berrendo has no services of any kind except a water faucet, 
whereas Palomas has some tasty restaurants, and after all, a continental 
hike warrants some celebration.  

With good wishes for all.  Willis Whoa

The Four Noble Truths:
1) Life=Woe 2) Fault=Ego 3) End=Bliss 4) Path=Whoa. "Whoa dispels Woe"

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