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Re: [CDT-L] ice axes

Virginia Owen <OWEN@TheAdvisoryGroup.com> writes:
>As you all know, we are starting the CDT around June 1.  We are planning
>start in Anaconda/Warm Springs and hike north for a month, then do the
rest of the trail southbound.  Given that this is a high snow year, I
know that we are likely to need an ice axe in Glacier-- I've seen the
slope on some of the trail there-- but are we likely to need one
elsewhere in  Montana?
>Do they have the kind of side hill with exposure in the Bob Marshall 
>Scapegoat that they have in Glacier?  Should we start with ice axes, or
mail them to Lincoln or Benchmark or East Glacier?

With that much snow, probably will need axes, IF you allowed to go on
your primary route (assume it's the Highline Trail.) If that much snow, 
backcountry campsites are closed, therefore, for practical purposes, the
ttrail also, though you probably have an alternate route planned.

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