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[CDT-L] ALERT: Proposed Outfitting Permit for Mountain Bikes on CDT

The Helena National Forest has received a proposal for a commercial outfitter
mountain bike rides -- one in July and one in August -- on the CDT between
Rogers Pass and Flesher Pass.  The Continental Divide Trail Society urges you
to send comments objecting to these permits. We are concerned about the actual
adverse impact upon the enjoyment (and perhaps the safety) of hikers and
horsemen who may be using the Trail as well as the precedent that may be
established with respect to future use. There may be issues of tread
protection that should be considered as well -- especially on the steep slope
above Rogers Pass.

This is a great piece of Trail, especially along the ridge above Rogers Pass
(Supplement mile 1.7) to the T-junction (Supplement mile 9.3)

Comments should be sent to Dave Payne at the Helena Ranger District, 2001
Poplar, Helena, Montana 59601 by April 1.

Jim Wolf
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