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RE: [CDT-L] CDT '99 Schedule -- Willis Whoa

At 11:02 AM 3/5/99 -0500, Ellinwood, Bob wrote:
>Wllis Whoa:
>Your proposed schedule looks interesting, but those 90* afternoons you're
>experiencing may be minimizing in your mind the snow ahead of you !  :)
>I'm sure you've heard it from others, but depending on the snow year - and I
>haven't checked for New Mexico yet - the rangers in the Santa Fe and Carson
>NF's do warn of snow often being a problem during May from Cuba north to
>Cumbres Pass.

	New Mexico has had an extremely dry winter.  Several ski areas closed
early, and one never opened because there was just no snow.  Hopefully that
will translate to less snow on the Trail.

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