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[CDT-L] CDT Double Flipflop with a Twist

(repeated send because of unconfirmed former send)

Dear nephew Dan and CDT hiker friends, A splendid way to avoid much snow 
for a confirmed desert rat has been suggested to me this morning by Paul 
Leech and Bill Gurwell: a double flipflop.  That is, flip to Wyoming in 
June from Chama, NM, hike across Wyoming in June, continue up to Glacier 
in July/August, then flip down to Colorado in September.  The twist will 
be walking across southern Arizona to join the Divide at Antelope Wells, 
starting VERY SOON now.  

I'm working out the details now in the Ajo public library, with Jim 
Wolf's Guides and a bagfull of NF and BLM maps.  Please be patient, Dan, 
this is the last major revision yet, I promise, and it will result in a 
wonderful hike.  Willis Whoa

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