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[CDT-L] Seeking Glacier Convoy

Dear Fellow Hikers and Family,

On the advice of experienced CDT hikers, and on conversations with 
family, an on considering the problems of a northbound crossing of 
Colorado in June (rain and snow), I have decided to change my thru-CDT 
hike to a thru-CDT flipflop with a twist.  Starting just a few weeks 
from now, I will set out from my winter camp in the Sonoran desert near 
Organ Pipe National Monument, walk across the Papago and Apache lands of 
southern Arizona, including the site of Geronimo's surrender, to 
intercept the Divide in New Mexico.  Then, after a possible quick detour 
to the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua, I will wander up the Divide to 
reach the Colorado border in early June.  My revised itinerary calls for 
a flipflop then up to Glacier Park to join a southbound convoy.  The 
safety of numbers of a convoy will defend against the twin dangers of 
grizzly bears and spring runoff stream crossings.  South of the Bob and 
Scapegoat Wildernesses, I will throttle down into my personal travel 
mode of solitary early-morning departures, long midday rests, 
late-afternoon walking into twilight and stealth camping.

In July/August my nephew from Georgia may join me for a stretch of 
Wyoming/Colorado, but in this revised scenario, a slowdown to accomodate 
a novice hiker will not be a problem.  Time works in favor of a 
southbound CDT hiker.  No longer under pressure to cross the northern 
passes before winter's advance, a southbound hiker can linger on the 
high Colorado trails well into September, leaping lightly over flowers.

Please advise me if your southbound convoy departing early to mid June 
has room for one more.  I am an experienced long-distance hiker (thru 
PCT 94), very fit (22 mpd range), a Jardinite true-believer with 20-lb 
pack, and patient with others perhaps less experienced.

Please note my email return to hotmail, because of a yahoo cookie access 
problem, and having found a workaround to the hotmail address sorting 
bug concerning the underscore character "_" in nicknames.  The 
workaround was simply to accept reality for what it is and avoid using 
the problematic underscore.

Willis Whoa  

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