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I realize this list is for the CDT, but I thought there may
be some folks in the mid-Atlantic region that might enjoy
an excuse to gather with other hikers this weekend.

The second annual Pine Grove Ruck will be held at the
Ironmasters Mansion Hostel at Pine Grove Furnace in
PA on January 29-31.  The hostel is located on the AT
12 miles South on Rt.233 from exit 11 (ELEVEN) on
Interstate 81..

The Ruck is not a list specific gathering but it is fairly limited
to internet users since that's how it started and that's the way the
word has been spread.  That and word of mouth.

Someone asked who should come?
Anyone with an interest in hiking the AT or long distance
hiking in general.!
There will be past AT thru hikers, from 97, 98 and earlier,
some repeaters and folks planning on thruing the
PCT and CDT this year. Plus AT 99ers deep in Springer fever.

Let me be clear,... this is no grand shebang like
Traildays or Trailfest or the Gathering.  Last year
there were maybe thirty folks and I think that number
could double this year   Actually that makes it nice 'cause
there is more of an opportunity to talk and  meet
some of the folks you have been e-ing or trailmates for 99.

Talk is the name of the game!  And there will be demos on
just about every stove manufactured plus a few homemade stoves
and the triumphant returned of the kidnapped 8.oz zipstove if the
ransom has been paid by then <g>.

There will be a Nomad lite tent there and maybe it's inventor!

A request was made for a talk on compass work and map reading so
we will have a 'workshop' on that.  Saturday nite there are slides
from the AT and other trails (?).  There will be practically every book
and video made on the AT and hiking for ya'll to check out.  Last year,
of folks did a couple miles on the AT on Sat afternoon and Sun.

The Hostel is run by Tom and Marie Ha.  If you have
questions or want to make reservations or need more
detailed directions, you can call them at 717-486-7575,
between 5 PM and 10 PM.  There are still bunks available.
I think some folks will be camping in the park, but that depends
on the weather.  The mannsion is huge so there is plenty of
floor space if the bunks get taken.

This is snipped from Tom Ha's post:

The Hostel has the following amenities... Baby grand piano, full
kitchen (byof)(bring your own food), pool table, pingpong table,
volleyball court (currently under water/ice/snow), giant outdoor
chess set (way cool..my comment <g>), 5-person hot tub
($3/person/night extra), tv, vcr, satellite dish.
(and may i add another personal note.
one of the best porches I've ever kicked back on!!!!)

The cost is $10/person/night and includes a bunk bed, a
pillow and a blanket.  Please bring a sheet (yes, a sheet)
and a towel. If you bring a sleeping bag, please ALSO
bring a sheet, as we require a sheet on the bed under a
sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are really not necessary,
since we provide blankets to go with a sheet. But I
know that hikers need to bring what's familiar and
comfortable. :)

We will be providing a spaghetti dinner (with garlic bread and
dessert) Friday night. Meals other than that can be group
or individual, we'll even let you cook on your stove, using our
porch, if you so desire. The hostel is normally closed during
the day, but we will have it open and accessible for the
time periods of: Friday at 5pm-10pm and Saturday from
730am-10pm and Sunday from 730am-10pm
(unless everyone leaves before that).

 Everyone is welcome during the day, without
paying for overnights (though donations are accepted) :)
 ......end of Tom's post

Last year we had a group pot luck supper on Saturday
and it worked well so we will do it again this year,  If
you can't cook anything that doesn't come in a bag,
snacks are welcome.  In fact, there is no store or restaurants
for miles around the hostel so bring your own food and drink and
maybe some to share ....soad, goodies and muchees and ice cream!!
So far we have a ham and a wooonderful black bean lasagna that
is back by popular demand, chili, ice cream and pancakes.

There will be soup and bread for Sat luch.  First come first served.

Alcohol is against the rules in the State Park as is smoking
in the hostel.

So if you want to spend a weekend meeting and talking and eating
and watching slides and videos and playing with gear and ,
for the very bold, weighing your pack...in public <g> and hiking
and talking and eating and not getting near enough sleep, you
should come to the Ruck!

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