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[CDT-L] Snow Updates

Hey all,

I have finally finished the Montana section of my Continental Divide Snow
Page.  The new page is pretty much the same as my PCT snow pages that I
created last year. 

I picked four SNOTEL automated stations to monitor snow water equivalent
for Montana. These stations are located on or very close to the Continental
Divide and are spread out north to south. I have taken the entire
historical record from each of these stations and put snow-water depth on a
single plot so everyone can compare this years snow to past years. I
usually update these plots every week or two for those who are interested
in tracking the snow as the season progresses. You can access my snow page
from this URL:


Now, I have a question for those in the know about the southern part of the
trail. Where would a north-bound thru hiker most likely run into snow?
Northern Arizona or Colorado? I'm trying to pick a few snow sensors to
monitor in the southern section also.

Take care, Mark Dixon

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